Elbrus 360 Mountain Hut


On the south side, there are two camps: at 2500 m and 3800m. At the base camp (2500m) our guests are accommodated in big tents, for three people each, set on wooden bases. Though there are beds inside, sleeping bags are still needed. At the camp there is a big dining room where you can drink tea and chat with your group mates even when the dining time is over; also hot showers, toilets and a sauna. At the camp, you can recharge your electronic devices free and buy Wi-Fi connection.

At 3750 m we use new Ebrus 360 Mountain Hut built in July 2018. It can place 16-18 guests at the moment. If you are going to climb Elbrus via the north route, this is the best choice for you. We provide 3 meals a day with vegan-, vegetarian- and gluten-free menus available, pure drinking water, free recharge of electronics devices, Wi-Fi (for payment). Oxygen is available for emergency cases.

The Elbrus 360 Mountain Hut operates from early June till late September. If you travel alone and don’t want to by a tour you can reserve your stay here below. 10% discount for groups 5+ people is applied.

The hut on the south side is located at 3750m. It is a new, big and cosy one. The are rooms for eight people each, four double-bunk beds in total. The dining room is spacious and well-appointed. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay there after dinner time is over. Another inconvenience is that you have to leave your climbing gear in the entrance hall. But these are the rules, we can do nothing about them. You can recharge your electronic devices free.

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Upcoming group tours

Route Dates Days Price Availability
Ski tour + climbing (South side) 16.04 - 24.04.2022 9 €990 Book
South route 17.04 - 24.04.2022 8 €850/€1450 Book
Ski tour + climbing (North Side) 22.04 - 01.05.2022 10 €1190 Book
North route 22.04 - 01.05.2022 10 €1050 Book
South route 23.04 - 01.05.2022 9 €950/€1590 Book

For some tours we have two options regular and VIP.

* - when booking tours for 2 or more participants a discount of 3% is provided.

** - when you pay with a card, payment will be charged in Russian roubles in accordance with the exchange rate of the bank.

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