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Unforgettable experience

The information below will help you to become a little acquitained with what you will meet during your Mt. Elbrus expedition in terms of accommodation, food and services.

- We work with the most comfortable high-mountain huts on Elbrus. You will be really surprised to meet this level of comfort on that altitude. We are also quite happy with hotels that we use in Kislovodsk and Terskol. They are big enough to stay flexible with changing itineraries and large groups.

- Food is important to us and we pay attention to what our guests do eat. We’ve elaborated vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menus.

- We sell some hand-made souvenirs from Mount Elbrus to bring home.

Our Services

Equipment rental

Climbing equipment costs much, besides it is heavy and takes a lot of space. That’s why hiring equipment is a good option.

Water & food

At the base camp, we use water from a mountain river to cook food and fill the thermoses. We boil it, so it is safe to drink.


On the north side, in Kislovodsk, we use Le Bristol hotel. On the south side, we use the Snezhny Bars hotel located in the town of Terskol.


At 3750 m we use new Ebrus 360 Mountain Hut built in July 2018. It can place 16-18 guests.

Mobile connection

Mobile connection on the north side will not be available on all days. On the south side, the mobile signal is available almost everywhere.


You can buy one of those soaps or T-shirts in our equipment rentals, at the hut at 3800m on the north side, or from our representatives in cities.

Upcoming group tours

Route Dates Days Price (USD) Availability
South route 28.04 - 06.05.2023 9 Standard: 1285
Comfort: 1660
VIP: 1785
Traverse route from South to North 30.04 - 09.05.2023 10 Standard: 1550
Comfort: 1950
VIP: 2090
South route 30.04 - 09.05.2023 10 Standard: 1375
Comfort: 1770
VIP: 1910
South route 01.05 - 09.05.2023 9 Standard: 1285
Comfort: 1660
VIP: 1785
South route 26.05 - 03.06.2023 9 Standard: 1285
Comfort: 1660
VIP: 1785

For some tours we have three options Standard, Comfort and VIP.

* - when booking tours for 2 or more participants a discount of 3% is provided.

** - when you pay with a card, payment will be charged in Russian roubles in accordance with the exchange rate of the bank.

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