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Mt. Elbrus quick facts

Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe. Its height is 5642 m / 18.510 ft.
Total size of Elbrus area is 134
Nearby cities are Terskol & Kislovodsk.
Nearby airports are Mineralnye Vody (MRV), Nalchik (NAL), Vladikavkaz (OGZ).

Who we are?

We are the Russian mountaineering company Elbrus 360°. Expert knowledge of the region and ten-year experience allow us to be number 1 operator on Mount Elbrus.

We provide ultimate safety arrangement, best guides, good food, company-owned comfortable camps and huts. Elbrus 360° is subdivision of the Elbrus Tours company created for servicing corporate customers, but individual tourists are also welcomed!

Adventure companies from all over the world in trust us tailoring of their expeditions. We constantly raise level of our services and do our best to make our clients happy.

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Our tours

South route
South route

The most popular and fastest way to climb Mt. Elbrus. Easy access with cable cars and snow-cats which can bring you up to 5000 m make this route suitable even for novices.

8-10 days

Group tour

North route
North route

There are no hotels, lifts and snow-cats on the north side of Elbrus. That’s why it takes a bit longer to reach the summit via the north side approach.

10-11 days

Group tour

Traverse route
Traverse route

This is probably the most interesting way of climbing Mount Elbrus. You will enjoy both breathtaking views onto 5000ers of the main Caucasus range on the south side and mystic stone mushrooms, powerfull waterfalls and mineral springs on the north side.

10-11 days

Group tour

Ski tours
Ski tours

Mount Elbrus itself and surroundings provide perfect conditions for ski touring and ski ascents from March till late June.

9-10 days

Group tour

West route
West route

This is the most challenging way to climb Mt. Elbrus. We recommend this route only to experienced mountaineers because of its technical difficulty. We don’t arrange scheduled departures via the west approach, only private expeditions. Please request the quotation!

11 days

Private tour

Trek from north to south
Trek from north to south

There are 3 treks that you can choose from. It is a trek from north side to south side, from south side to north side and full circle around Elbrus. This is a pleasant way to enjoy stunning views of Elbrus while your backpacks go by a vehicle. Please request for quotation, only private tours are available.

8 days

Group tour

Upcoming group tours

Route Dates Days Price Availability

For some tours we have two options regular and VIP.

* - when booking tours for 2 or more participants a discount of 3% is provided.

** - when you pay with a card, payment will be charged in Russian roubles in accordance with the exchange rate of the bank.

Our Services

Equipment rental

Climbing equipment costs much, besides it is heavy and takes a lot of space. That’s why hiring equipment is a good option.

Water & food

At the base camp, we use water from a mountain river to cook food and fill the thermoses. We boil it, so it is safe to drink.


On the north side, in Kislovodsk, we use Le Bristol hotel. On the south side, we use the Snezhny Bars hotel located in the town of Terskol.


At 3750 m we use new Ebrus 360 Mountain Hut built in July 2018. It can place 16-18 guests.

Mobile connection

Mobile connection on the north side will not be available on all days. On the south side, the mobile signal is available almost everywhere.


You can buy one of those soaps or T-shirts in our equipment rentals, at the hut at 3800m on the north side, or from our representatives in cities.

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